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Every year, SpEdConnecticut gathers some of the most admired professionals in their fields to speak about special education law and practices. This year our presenters will be speaking via Webinars. Please see the list of our presenters below. If you cannot make the presentation most will be recorded for you to access. The only presentation that has to be attended live is the Developmental Language and Communication Disorders due to its interactive nature.

What You Need to Know About Special Education – Fall 2020

Sept. 22 6pm-8pm Understanding IDEA in this time of COVID
Presenter: Diane Willcutts 

  • What is FAPE
  • What is Prior Written Notice?
  • Procedural Guidelines
  • IEEs
  • How to address actions refused

Sept. 29 10am-12pm Assistive Technology in the IEP
Presenter: Bogdan Zamfir

  • Mandate to consider AT
  • What’s the difference between a consultation and an evaluation?
  • Understanding the low to high tech continuum
  • Tools to address difficulties in reading and written expression

Oct. 6 10am-12pm Psycho-educational Evaluations What do the numbers mean?
Presenter: Adrienne Smaller

  • An overview of ability and achievement tests
  • What skills do these tests assess?
  • How to understand all those numbers
  • Using the results to determine eligibility

Oct. 13 4:30pm-6:30pm ADHD Diagnosis, Treatment, Strategies
Presenter: Karina Gitman

  • What is ADHD
  • How is it diagnosed?
  • Treatment
  • School based strategies

Oct. 20 10am-12pm Developmental Language and Communication Disorders
Presenter: Richard Zipoli

  • Speech Sound and Fluency Disorders
  • Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders
  • Eligibility and Advocacy

Oct. 27 10am-12pm Evidence-based Reading Interventions
Presenter: Sheryl Knapp

  • Key components of effective reading instruction
  • Utilizing assessment data
  • Monitoring progress
  • Special considerations for students with more pervasive disabilities

Nov. 10 6pm to 8pm Math Disabilities Diagnosis and programming considerations
Presenter: Randy Ewart

  • Assessments to determine math disabilities
  • Effective IEP objectives and progress monitoring
  • Types of instructional strategies

Nov. 17 6pm to 8pm Autism Identification
Presenter Erik Mayville

  • Assessments used to diagnose Autism.
  • DSM-5 interpretation
  • Medical diagnosis v educational diagnosis
  • Considerations for educational planning

Nov. 24 10am-12pm Emotional Disorders
Presenter: John Molteni

  • Emotional Disturbance in terms of DSM-V diagnostic categories.
  • Behavioral symptoms related to diagnosis.
  • School interventions to benefit students with an ED classification
  • Address school avoidance assessments and intervention

Dec. 1 10am-12pm Executive Functioning
Presenter: Ron Samul & Jennifer Sullivan

  • The brain and Executive Functioning development
  • Areas of Executive Functioning
  • Strategies for support at home, school and college

Dec. 8 10am-12pm Procedural Safeguards – Complaints, Mediation, Hearings
Presenter: Melanie Dunn

  • Have you read your procedural safeguards?
  • What do I do if I disagree with the school team?
  • Complaint, mediation, resolution meeting, advisory opinion, hearing – what does it all mean?
  • Do I need a lawyer?

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