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Our Mission

SpEdConnecticut is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a positive difference in the education, employment and independent living of individuals with disabilities by:

  • Helping families of children with disabilities navigate the complex educational process.
  • Facilitating productive communication between parents of children with disabilities and school personnel.
  • Referring families of children with disabilities and adults with learning disabilities to appropriate service providers and community resources.
  • Training parents and professionals in best practices in special education.

A Message from Our New Executive Director


SpEdConnecticut needs your help please consider becoming a Sponsor for our trainings, IEP Clinics or Parent Consultations.   SpEdConnecticut relies on volunteers to run our IEP Clinics  and other trainings.  Becoming a Sponsor helps our volunteers assist as many parents as possible by allowing us to reach as many parents as possible.


Join today to help us improve the lives of more than 75,000 Connecticut students with disabilities. Every child deserves meaningful educational opportunity – to prepare them for post-secondary education or training, employment, and independent living. YOU can make a difference!

Parent Advisers

Our parent advisers are unique in that we focus on teaching the parents how to navigate the system in order to access an appropriate program for their children. While our Parent Advisers come from different walks of life, what they all have in common is experience working or living with a child with a disability.

Feel Like You have Hit a Brickwall in Trying to Help Your Child

Parent Testimonial

No words to explain how wonderful work the organization is doing with these webinars. Thank you very much for all the great work the organization does.

Attended SPEDCT Training Fall 2020

Parent Testimonial

We need more people like our parent adviser Missy.  She's nice, knowledgeable, patient and caring.  She's a motivator!  She made sure my son got the proper testing to give him the assistance that he needs.

Parent of child with disabilities


The parent adviser helped to clarify difficult issues that the mother did not fully understand.  He was instrumental in making a potentially contentious situation into an amenable PPT.

Director of Student Services


I have worked with Linda on this particular case for at least two years and in every PPT that I can recall, she demonstrated the utmost professionalism and willingness to work with the school for the good of the student.

Assistant Principal / Middle School